Entertainment Products - Manufacturer, Services, Export / Import, Proprietorship Firm Since 2001 – Proprietor Mr. K. Nagan Pillai NAGAN PICTURES, INDIA has been in the forefront of MALAYALAM, TAMIL, TELUGU and HINDI Movies. They have produced over 35 films in various Indian languages and they have their own studio for production of Feature Films/ Telefilms/ Serials/ Ad-Films/ Short Films and documentaries. Apart from this they have distributed more than 800 films for theatrical exploitation, satellite telecast / broadcast over national networks private channels, cable TV, wire, wireless, airborne, seaborne, rail borne, IPTV, Pay Channels, Video on Demand, HDVD, DVD, VCD and all other electronic formats now in use and to be invented in future. They have the capacity to produce manufacture DVD, VCD and other formats with dubbing in any Language including para dubbing, subtitling of feature films already produced and on films to be produced / acquired in future.

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